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Certification, technological quality and quick replies: Bea’s strong points can be perceived by observing the company at a 360° view. Let’s try and discover the advantages of a well-structured organization and a well-supplied warehouse.

Let’s try and have a general look at Bea’s world: an overall view over a business that is characterised by passion for the most advanced technology and commitment for continuous improvement. This commitment can be measured by means of the ISO 9001 certification that was already obtained in the early ‘90s. And not only that: Bea’s commitment can also be measured by the continuous checks and controls during the manufacturing activity. 100 orders are received in a month: at least 80 of them will be subject to inspections by starting from the raw materials up to the manufacturing activity. A comprehensive view of this business will show great attention to quality, and the ability to immediately meet customers’ demands, also in case of complex orders.

View of the company