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Dal 1964 tecnologia e materiali speciali al servizio dell'energia
Sistemi di fissaggio a contenuto ingegneristico sviluppati per l'industria sono il frutto di uno sviluppo continuo.
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Soluzioni customizzate.
Per ogni cliente, una risposta ad hoc.
Conosciamo le esigenze dei nostri clienti e sappiamo modellare risposte adatte ai bisogni specifici. Un servizio efficiente e costante in grado di soddisfare ogni richiesta.
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La rapidità ci contraddistingue.
In ogni circostanza.
Facile parlare di velocità. Anche quando gli ordini da evadere sono particolarmente grandi o piccoli, con Bea tutto è facile.
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Siamo certificati. Una certezza per noi e per i clienti.
La sicurezza e la qualità, oggi, passano anche attraverso i fogli di carta. Ambiente, processo, qualità: tutto documentato.
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Since 1964, energy-oriented technology and special materials.
Engineering-content fastening systems conceived for the industry are the result of continuous development.
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We stand out for our rapidity,
in every circumstance.
It is easy to talk about speed: also when the orders to be executed are particularly big or small, Bea will make it simple.
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Customised solutions. Ad hoc proposals for each customer.
We understand the needs of our customers and are able to adapt our proposals to be suitable for specific requirements. An efficient and constant service to meet every demand.
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We are certified.
A certainty for us and for our customers.
Safety and quality, today, also pass through the sheets of paper. Environment, process, quality: all documented.
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Sinds 1964 actief op de complexe en zich voortdurend ontwikkelende energiesector.
Een breed pakket aan gespecialiseerde bevestigingsmiddelen voor industriële toepassing gebruik makend van hoogwaardige materialen.
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Flexibilteit en snelheid zijn speerpunten van onze service.
Bea houdt het simpel: Afspraak is afspraak. Geen order is te klein of te groot, afspraken worden nagekomen.
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Oplossingen op maat. Ad hoc offertes per afnemer.
Wij hebben kennis van de specificaties en eisen van onze afnemers en zijn in staat onze offertes daar op af te stemmen. Onze doelgerichte en efficiente organisatie kan aan iedere vraag voldoen.
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We zijn gecertificeerd.
Een zekerheid voor ons en voor onze klanten.
Veiligheid en kwaliteit gaan vandaag ook door de vellen papier. Omgeving, proces, kwaliteit: alles gedocumenteerd.






Excellence in the manufacturing of fastening products

Our entrepreneurial history began in 1964 and since then, aiming for excellence has been our goal, growing and investing constantly over time with an eye to the future to achieve our current size and results.

The passion for our work, attention to the Customer, research and product quality have always been our guiding principles. Leaders in the quality production of fastening materials in the petrochemical, hydroelectric, nuclear, naval, high-speed rail sectors with a recent opening to the wind and hydrogen sectors.

Our range of products


The stud bolts that are manufactured by Bea are suitable for several needs and are made with all types of materials, from the smallest (5/16” or M6) to the largest (7” or M180).


Six vertical forging presses allow Bea to forge in-house 3/8” or M8 up to 4” or M110 nuts. More than 40 years of experience in hot forging are the guarantee of our know-how in manufacturing special materials.


To complete the range of customers’ requirements, Bea supplied bolts (Hex head bolts, round head socket cap-screws) made primarily in with special materials.

Custom made special fasteners

Eight CNC machines, two semiautomatic milling machines and a machining centre allow Bea to manufacture items to the customer’s specific drawings.

Indicator bolts

Indicator bolts are quite new products; however, thanks to their innovative features they are becoming increasingly well-known within the field of high-pressure applications.

Steel grades

Bea is constantly investing in research and innovation for its manufacturing facility targeting a market that is ever-developing towards a new generation of modern concept materials.